Frequently asked questions

Are you Insured?

Absolutely. For the maximum £5 million of Public Liability Insurance cover.

Do I get a signed Contract?

Yes, signed by both parties.

Do I have printing rights for my photos?

You have unlimited printing rights for your images providing they are for personal use to share with friends and family. Commercial use is not allowed.

How many photos will I receive?

It depends on many factors: The option you chose being the main one. Weather How keen the Bride & Groom are on having their photo taken. How lively the wedding party is. It's not uncommon to cover a wedding where hardly anyone is dancing on the evening. But, it can be anything between 350-800.

Do you travel to other parts of UK except the The Midlands?

Absolutely. I will travel across the UK and European destination weddings.

Are there 2 experienced photographers?

Yes. I cover weddings with my wife and we both work with a very experienced second shooter, Samantha whos currently an Events Photographer but also covers weddings with me.

How long have you been a wedding photographer?

Professionally, it's my 8th year. Prior that Ive had every type of camera, lens and been into photography for over 25 years.

What are the payment terms?

To secure the date, it is 25% of whichever option you chose. The balance is to be paid 6 weeks before the wedding date.

What guarantees do I have you will be there on the day?

I'm very fortunate because we are infact a team of three. Two of us professional wedding photographers and we have a fantastic working relationship with a professional Events Photographer, Samantha. Should anyone of us be ill ( and these things do happen from time to time!) one way or another, we will have your wedding covered.

What happens if I cancel or change my mind?

You have an initial 14 day cooling off period should you wish to change your mind. After that the deposit is non refundable (although under exceptional circumstances this would be considered). Cancel the wedding once the balance has been paid in full 6 weeks before the wedding, the full amount is non refundable. (Again, under certain circumstances a full refund maybe issued).

Do you expect food on the day?

Certainly not but a bar snack is very much appreciated while all the guests are eating their main meal.

Do the website prices include VAT and Travel Costs?

Yes. All my costs include VAT. As for travel costs, that applies in certain circumstances, maybe when there are multiple venues that are 40 or 50 miles apart. And also, when the venue is so far from my home I need to stay over because its too far for me to get back that same night.

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