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David Loveland - West Midlands Photographer

''From getting ready in the morning to epic night shots, David and his team turned out to be the best purchase of the entire wedding''.
''Our pictures are so, so special and having him part of the day ended like saying goodbye to an old friend. It takes a certain personality to be able to be there at your most intimate and private moments, like getting ready or the few minutes after it’s all over, and be completely comfortable. It was like hiring a cousin or a friend, rather than someone I’d just met once before. At times he was almost like a guide or a director, talking us through how things might be, having been there so many times and able to offer that support as well. Nothing was too much to ask and his passion for what he does exudes from him and he was genuinely excited when he got ‘the one’ with certain staged poses that we requested.''.
''Where do I start!? We cannot thank Dave and Amy enough! Such a lovely couple who made us feel so at ease. Me and Lee are not huge fans at having photos taken but I can genuinely say that we are over the moon with what Dave and Amy have done! I actually cried when I saw the photos for the first time as I couldn't have asked for more''.
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Hello! My name is David Loveland. That is my real name; coincidental but also quite useful in this industry.

I'm a wedding photographer. Married. Been there. Felt the nerves. I understand just how important the day is. I know how much work will have gone into your Wedding Day when it arrives so I know how important it is that I get it right. 

My style is unobtrusive, ultra-contemporary with seams of traditional elements, reportage, very much Family focused and encompasses all the generations of a family. I like to keep my images clean and free from too many artificial 'filters'. For Weddings and Portraiture, I'm looking to capture a split-second glimpse, a smile, a held hand and hopefully something really special.
I cover weddings with my Wife who also runs her own wedding photography business, we both work with Samantha our wonderful second shooter. I operate this business with a moral obligation to you, The Client and The Environment. For more info on this, go to Environmental & Ethical Policy
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