Ethics & Environmental Policy

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We support 2 main things in this business: 

The Environment and the Heritage of Churches in the United Kingdom.


The carbon foot-print of the average wedding is pretty dreadful. Weddings tend to have lots of people travelling from all over the UK and further afield - it's a rather indulgent experience. I dont mean to sound like a boring eco-warrior that wants to spoil everyone's fun, I just think indulgence doesn't have to mean it should be done without any concern for the environment.

And secondly, the Churches of this great country need more support. I am not overly religious but I do believe the Churches of the UK need more help so for every church wedding, I like to 'do my bit'. 

Obviously we travel to weddings in cars but we drive as economically as possible and the future of the business is to transfer to electric cars as soon as possible. We do alot of work to mitigate our carbon foot-print. We source client USB Cases and Albums from within the UK from a like-minded, environmentally conscious manufacturer and we post them in recycled, biodegradable packaging. 

We grow trees. No, we really do!

We currently have Scotts Pines, Silver Birches, Mountain Rowans and a handful of Red Oaks growing in the garden. The kids love to collect pine cones and acorns in the Autumn, put the seeds in pots and let them grow. We continuously grow trees and then plant them or sell them - not for profit but to encourage tree planting. 

'Book our top option and we will plant and register a tree in protected woodland that will provide food and shelter for woodland animals for many many years and help off-set that carbon footprint of your wedding. You will receive a certificate and details of the tree's location'. 

The Loveland's are all members of The Woodland Trust

41,497,408 trees planted, 976 woods saved and 22,586 hectares of ancient woodland under restoration.


We use no plastic in the packaging of USB Cases and Albums

USB Cases will arrive in wool and wooden package filling in cardboard boxes or tissue wrapping that is 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable. 

Church Heritage of the United Kingdom

For every church wedding, we donate to that church and provide them with free photographic services.


I operate this business with total honesty. Simple.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

1. On each table, leave a seed for each guest to plant. Long, long after the wedding has finished, a flower or tree could be growing. How cool would it be to have an Oak tree growing for the next 100 years simply because you gave one of your guests an acorn at your wedding!

2. Or for an autumn wedding leave a pine cone by each seat with a note saying, ''Inside are my seeds. Mr & Mrs [name] want you to plant them so that the love from this wedding can grow into something huge''. 

3. Car share whenever possible.

Like the sound of how this business operates? I'd love to hear from you!

Want to discuss your Big Day plans, drop me an email or fill in the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours to arrange a meeting. 

I ALWAYS reply within 24 hours so if you dont get a fast reply, Call or Text your details to 079000 4 2000 because the message may not have come through on the Contact Form.

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