On the morning of every wedding, I go and meet the Bride and have a good old chat with her and the Bridesmaids and I've done this at 100's of weddings. At a disappointingly large number of weddings it transpires the Groom has sorted out just the suits. 
Fellas, come on, you can do better! You're not just there to make up the numbers. Collectively, we all need to up our game because I was the same on my wedding. Here's 2 top tips Im sure any man can organise and at No.1 what all grooms need to understand:


Women the world over dream of meeting someone to make them feel loved and safe, be that with a man or a woman and for alot of people this culminates in the Wedding Ceremony.


For the purposes of getting the everyday Groom to pull off some superb surprises and even get the basics right on The Big Day, this advice is specific to the Groom. 


Get her a Gift AND a card or better still, a letter to open on the morning. She has waited years for this day. It's so, so important to give her a bit of recognition for all the hard work she will have put into the planning.


By the end of your Big Day, you will be exhausted!! Absolutely shattered! 

Book a secret, candle lit, midnight drink with the venue. Organise a bite to eat because most couples tend to eat very little, drink alot and energy levels end up near zero towards midnight. 


Don't underestimate just how important The Big Day is to her. It is massively important, more than she will even admit to herself. Lads, never for get that. There havent been multiple trips to multiple Wedding Dress boutiques for nothing!


There's a reason why your Sky Box has complete seasons of, Say yes to the Dress UK, USA, Canada, France....Mongolia! 

She wants her day to be perfect. Hold on, did I just say 'her' day? Yes, yes I did.