If I Could do it All Again

I got married before being a full blown wedding photographer. So how would I do things differently now I know what I know? This will be a great help to couples who really don't know where to start. And not many people do, especially the men!!

What if I could do it all again now that I've seen 100's of Wedding's

So what would I have done differently?

Ok. You are getting married, have a budget to stick to and the more you have looked into the options, the more confused you are becoming. Budget and size of a wedding is no reflection on the quality of the experience. I've covered huge weddings that have not gone to plan and small weddings that have been incredibly sincere and genuinely been an absolute pleasure to have experienced; spine tingling almost!
So, lets get straight to some vitally important big decisions and I can give you my first hand experience from seeing 100's of weddings and also mention if I would I have done things differently if I were to do it all over again. 

UK or Abroad

I think both options have so much to offer in equal amounts so it's a tough choice but if you decide to get married somewhere like Santorini or St. Tropez, be sure to hire me! 
Where did I get married? Brockencote Hall on the outskirts of Worcestershire. Wonderful venue and I will discount 25% off all year round if you book me to cover your wedding at Brockencote Hall

Time of Year

With UK weather, it's never a guarantee but I have noticed certain times of the year that are better than others. My advice, go for late Spring or Autumn. A wedding dress on a very hot summers day becomes an oven underneath and I've seen, not so much, Blushing Brides, but rather sweaty ones and make up starting to melt. With hot weather comes thunderstorms! Get a warm, beautiful summers day in August, not too hot and you will have a truly wonderful wedding so I'm not saying summer is a time to completely avoid because we do get cooler summers but if there was an optimum time of year it would be Spring or Early to mid Autumn. 
I got married in May, we managed to dodge any rain and my theory went to plan. 


I can't offer any advice on venue's but if it's a winter wedding you are booking, they are sometimes better all in one venue. It's not the risk of rain that's the problem because we can get that at anytime of year but if we have a very cold winter with daytime temps hovering around just 4C, the cold can make everyone a bit grumpy. I've covered lots of winter weddings where everyone is having to 'put on a brave face' in very cold weather, with several separate venues and it does take it's toll on everyone and can dull the atmosphere and on your Big day, that's the last thing you want!

Photographer, Videographer or Both?

Again, this is all personal choice but I didnt have a videographer and now regret it. It's why I was keen to work with a professional wedding Film Maker because both formats give the couple so much in their own right. Now that I've seen so many weddings, my advice is go for both if you can squeeze it into the budget but it's not cheap. If not, I'd hedge my bets with photography and still go for videography for a few hours to cover the essentials. If you want both but have a budget, Contact Me. 
In my Wedding Prices page, my most popular photography option and Kyle as pro Film Maker all day is about £2000 and you get a heck of alot for that.  

Wedding Planner or DIY?

It's a massively time consuming adventure to plan your own reasonably sized wedding but I'd say this depends predominantly on how much spare time you have, how big the wedding is and how complex. Less than 100 during the day then I'd say DIY for sure. More than 200 during the day, maybe? 250-300 during the day and 400 on the night then I would say it's absolutely necessary. 

Professional Host/ Master of Ceremonies

For medium to big weddings, they really do bring so, so much to all aspects of a wedding that they become money very well spent. I've covered large weddings with no dedicated MC and the day has moments where it looses momentum. You can sense it in the room and it's awful for the couple. A good MC will be a 'natural' with people, have a long list of jokes, keep things on time, help to sort out any problems and keep the day flowing. 

One of the big debates. Band or DJ?

I see a heck of alot more people dancing if there's a band rather than a DJ. The quality of the sound from a Live Band is enough in itself to make people want to head for the dance floor. A good band will encourage everyone to get up and join in and interact with everyone there. Alot of DJ's tend not to do this and I've seen LOTS of weddings with DJ's where very few people are dancing. As a non-scientific guest-imate I'd say there's about 60%-70% more people dancing with a great band.
A wedding finished off with a great band makes for an amazing way to top off your Big Day.  
What did I have? A Band. Which band? The Red Lemons. 

Quick Summary

UK or Abroad? If you choose abroad, take me with you!
Time of year? Late Spring or Autumn.
Venue? Time of year needs to be considered.
Photographer or Videographer? Photographer first or Both!?
Wedding Planner or DIY? DIY unless you are planning something big.
Professional MC? Absolutely if you're planning a big wedding.
Band or DJ? Band - but if you like your Uplifting Trance, DJ it is!
I hope that's all been useful. If you have any more questions,
Contact Me.